Just A Picture (2018)

Just a Picture is my first solo LP length album. This was a project that I worked on for over a year. Written mostly in 2017, each track represents a different story in my life; whether happy or sad. I made sure I invested enough time into the writing process and the production of the album to ensure a good professional quality final product. With the help of my good friend Autumn Buysse, the superb production of Joe Samyn, and the exceptional performance from each musician on the album, I achieved exactly that. I'd like to give a million thanks to everyone who's supported me in this long process, and thank you to everyone who has or will purchase the album.

1 - Just a Picture

2 - Fade Away (The Turning Point)

3 - Ten Years to Say Goodbye

4 - Lagunera

5 - Change

6 - Walking Away

7 - Letter to Jade

8 - It's Been a Long Winter

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Diego Agoytia – Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Taco Perry – Drums
Josh Moran – Guitar
Shai-li – Backup Vocals
Scott Dumas – Trombone
Alex Ensing – Tenor Saxophone
Brent Proseus - Trumpet

Produced and Engineered by Joe Samyn
Art by Lauren Dawn
*All songs written by Diego Agoytia and co-written by Autumn Buysse
*Horn parts written and transcribed by Scott Dumas
*Saxophone solo written by Alex Ensing
Special thanks to Ignacio Agoytia, Daniela Martinez, Autumn Buysse, and everyone who helped make this album possible.

Recorded February and March of 2018 at Western Sound Studios and Samyn Audio Studios. Kalamazoo, Michigan.