The Turning Point - And Why It Means So Much To Me

"Fade Away (The Turning Point)" is the name of the second track on my first album Just A Picture. It is the unaltered version of a song I wrote in my junior year of high school. Well, one thing was altered: the title. I was going to leave it just "The Turning Point," but my friend and then co-writer, Autumn Buysse, insisted that I change the name to something people would remember based on a lyric in the actual song. I could've gone with "Time & Love" or "One Summer Day," but "Fade Away" made the most sense to me.

The main reason I'm talking about it now, even over four years after releasing it and six years after writing it, is because it was the first song I wrote that I was actually proud of. Sure, I've been writing music for as long as I've known how to play guitar. However, no song stuck with me the way "The Turning Point" did. It was the only song from my high school days that I held on to.

It also was written at a very tense time in my life. The story in the song is fictional, but based on real events. It's the culmination of many situations that happened between me and my friends that year. I won't get too much into it, but it was a very emotional year for a lot of people. I wrote this song towards the end of the school year almost in hope that one day life will get better, and it did. Life got significantly better as time passed, of course. However, this song always reminds me of how to remember the past in a way that isn't obsessive, if that makes sense.

Four years later, during my junior year of college at WMU, I was assigned to create a 'self-portrait' for my film class. I decided to make a film that gently reflects the emotion I feel whenever I listen or play "The Turning Point." I'd like to thank my friend Sophia Kokales for starring in it. The film is featured below, enjoy!


As always, I'd like to thank anyone and everyone who has streamed or purchased my music. More is to come!


Diego Agoytia.

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