My Top 5 Best Experiences On Stage (So Far)

5. Clarkston High School Talent Show 2014 - w/ The Last Minute Replacements
This one was very fun. It was early February of 2014 and I was asked to play a short show with my friends from School of Rock at the Clarkston High School Talent Show. Two of the band members were Evan and John who I was in OIM Appear with at the time so we were used to playing together. I remember we only rehearsed once or twice for this show, but I don't remember feeling stressed or nervous. The thing was, I didn't go to Clarkston High, and neither did Evan. So, we came in with a very positive attitude of performing in front of hundreds of people that we're most likely never going to see again. That's exactly what happened! Below is a video of the entire performance.
FUN FACT: At one point, you see me go up to the edge of the stage to get a little audience interaction, but everyone near the front row was just staring up at me with their mouths wide open, it was quite an experience.
ALSO FUN FACT: We decided to name this group The Last Minute Replacements based on the band that Evan and Hannah (Lead-VOX) had a couple years prior.

4. High Octane Lounge 2013 - w/ OIM Appear
This was an amazing night. My first official live performance with OIM Appear despite being a founding member. In the nine months since we started OIM, we only had one show. However, I was unfortunately out of town for it and couldn't make it. Nevertheless, we put all of our energy into making this show one to remember. What made me put this show on the list was the fact that it was the first time any of my performances ever got an encore. We were absolutely not prepared but tried a rendition of Detroit Rock City that we barely rehearsed beforehand but had lots of fun playing nevertheless. Below are a couple clips from that night!
FUN FACT: That night was the first live performance of my song Midnight Drawing!
3. Creepy Cheapy 2015 - w/ School of Rock Rochester House Band
This was a one song show but still one deserving to be on the list. I played Creepy Cheapy in 2015 with School of Rock Rochester's House Band and it will always be one of my favorite times on stage. It's not every day you get to play in the legendary Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac in front of 800 people, so even though it might not have been the smoothest performance (I admit) it was definitely a very fun and memorable one. I almost tripped on my own cable towards the end which would've been a MAJOR blooper but it still would've made the list regardless.
FUN FACT: I did not ever notice that Evan was having problems tuning his guitar practically the whole time because I was having such a good time.
2. New Dodge Lounge 2021 - w/ Rob Lindsay & His Supergroup
This show was the culmination of months of hard work between so many people. It was the very last show in our The Best Is Yet To Come Tour 2021 for Rob Lindsay & His Supergroup. I helped oversee many things from our bookings with Blackcraft Booking Agency to videography as well as performing bass in the actual band. What makes this particular performance memorable was that everyone had such an amazing time on tour, that we all wanted it to end on a banger. This was it. This was the grand finale. It was our tightest performance in the entire tour and what made it better was that it was in a venue full of our friends and family in our home city. I'll post more details of the tour in a separate blog-post. But for now, enjoy one of the songs performed on that night!
1. Just A Picture Album Release Show 2018
This show will be my #1 for now until the foreseeable future. It was the culmination of one year of work that sparked from an idea, a small vision that I had. I'm really glad I had just this random idea pop into my head because it sparked so much more that was to come. If it wasn't for me writing Just a Picture, I never would've gotten songwriting inspiration for Night & Day. Without Night & Day, I never could've kept my songwriting rhythm and Wine Red would've been close to impossible. It was the day Wine Red was released on November 31st, 2020, that I decided to write and release a fourth album this time with ten songs, that is currently in post-production. A lot more is to come after that, of course, but it all goes back to the Just a Picture Release Show on June 1st, 2018. The day I decided that this was what I wanted to continue doing, this little project that was just me making and performing music. I thank anyone and everyone who has even searched me up on Spotify to check it all out, you're what's keeping it going!
That's it for now!
I will continue to post on the blog as much as I can while also trying to... you know... work for a living! Until next time!
Diego Agoytia.
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