Two Years Since I Moved To NYC

Fall 2023 is rolling in which is around the time two years ago that I officially made my permanent move to New York City. I have so many memories to look back to but particularly want to extend my gratitude to the almost immediate warm welcome I received from the local music industry here and the many friends I’ve made so far.

What I feel has changed in the last two years, apart from the obvious change of scenery, is my general discipline. I'm definitely been trying to adjust to the post-college life and trying to be responsible both financially and physically. 'Adulting' you might say. It's been tough at times but I came here to become the best version of myself and I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far.

That being said, my music has definitely changed. I haven't released anything since my latest album 58 which was released on November 18th, 2022. I HAVE in fact been writing new music but I'm just not fully sure what to do with it yet. Most of my time here has actually been spent playing live shows both by myself, with my backing band, or as the guitarist for Teenatown. I've also been adjusting to working full time as I have for almost the past two years at Red Apple Media as an A1 Board Operator.

After taking some time off in the summer, I'll be going through a mild resurrection soon to try to boost up my social media game and take as many opportunities as they come. As some would say, the best is yet to come. ;)

All the best,

Diego Agoytia

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