Project Update: Welcome To Teenatown!

I wanted to give everyone an update on my current project, Teenatown!

Teenatown is a Pop/Rock band based in NYC performing music written by Tina Miller whom also fronts the band. Tina has some very catchy songs that I will admit have been stuck in my head for days on end (in a good way).

I've been playing with Teenatown since January of this year with scattered gigs throughout the New York City area. We grew from a small three piece band to now a five piece. What I particularly love about this project is the positivity that Tina exhibits not just in her music but in her performance. In the time I've been a member of the band, Teenatown has released songs like "Boundary Boss," "You & I," and my personal favorite, "My <3" !!

It's a very fun band to be a part of and I'm definitely grateful for the opportunity to join as a lead guitarist. My next performance with Teenatown will be on Sunday, October 22nd, at Berlin Under A in NYC and you can buy tickets here.

I fully recommend everyone to go check out Teenatown on Spotify and YouTube for some awesome music!




All the best to everyone!

- Diego Agoytia

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